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SSNR is the prime construction organization of the Andaman & Nicobar Administration. The department was set up in 1957 with a single division level establishment.Shri NN lyengar,principal engineer started functioning as head of Dept from 01/07/1959 .Since then the department has brought sea changes in the construction activities in islands. The department has been mainly entrusted with the work of providing infrastructural supoport for the people of the island, the other departments functioning under the A&N Adminsitration as well as the department functioning under ministry and autonomous bodies. the department serves the people of andaman and nicobar island by providing drinking water supply ,roads and brideges ,housing etc, the apwd undertakes the construction and maintenance of residential and office accommodation for various departments unde randaman and nicobar administration as well as the buildings for hospitals, health centers, schools, colleges, libraries & stadiums etc.

In the past 64 years of its existence, the department through trhe sheer acumen of the engineers, architects & town planner has successfully completed a large number of construction projects overcoming difficulties encountered on account of scarcity of material and manpower by skill full managemnet in execution of the works by implementing development schemes during the various five years plans. During the passage of time, it has made strides in the technical,methodological and material use in construction activities.the works in initial stages were carried out primarily for the pople in south andaman & the nicobar island.the south andaman was basically inhabited by the covicts of british era.who were freedom fighters and force to settle here.

later Some Settlements were established in various islands of andaman & nicobar by the govt of india for immigrants for the erstwhile EAST PAKISTAN in 1965 and from bangladesh during 1972.Thereupon ,A&N adminnistration furthered the activities of the department in middle andaman , north andaman , Little andaman and other similar islands to cater to the nfrastructural needs of the settlements.


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